Fresh Fish and Scenery

I purposely don’t plan for one or two dinners when we RV at Seacliff because we like to go to Whole Foods and the Santa Cruz Wharf to get something fresh for dinner. The Wharf is always a win-win… Dave gets the fish and I take in the scenery. On this day clouds were in my favor… and fresh halibut was our dinner.

Colorful Sky

A typical RV morning for me is to get up a little later than usual, turn on the heater if it’s cold, start the coffee and then enjoy it while catching up on my e-mails or reading a few more chapters in my book. But on this morning at Seacliff when I opened the blinds the colors in the sky beckoned me to grab my camera and take a walk.

The colors were so different depending on which way I was looking. These were all taken on the same morning.

No Fear

While the adults screamed going down the toboggan hill, Logan never uttered a sound. His smile said it all… he wasn’t scared, he was ecstatic!

This little three-year old showed no fear. The faster he went down and the more times he spun the happier he was.

Making Plans

With all the lake closures last summer I never did get a chance to go kayaking.

The day we hiked at Don Pedro it was sunny and warm, and I realized I don’t need to wait until summer to dust off my kayak. The next chance I get… free day with nice weather… I am going. I hope to convince my kayaking friends to join me. Terri, Char, Joyce are you in??


LOL… laugh out loud. That’s what these photos made me do while editing my Snow Day pictures. Maybe it’s only me, but I’m still laughing at them.

A funny story about LOL. Years ago when the younger generation just started using texting acronyms some of us at work were talking about them and what they meant. When it came to LOL we, of course, knew it meant Laugh Out Loud. That is except for one teacher who got a little frantic when she realized what it meant. A friends husband had just passed away and she sent a condolence text with LOL… she thought it meant lots of love! She was mortified and ran off to send an apology text. I still LOL about that too!

Pre-Game Hike

Super Bowl Sunday is a big deal at our house. I don’t think we’ve ever missed watching one. But there is a lot of time to kill before kick-off.

Kevin has been wanting to show me the place where he goes mountain biking… Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. You can also hike the trails. So he and I did just that before the game. He was right… it is a beautiful place to hike. There were many trail options, but he picked the one that ended up at Vista Point so I could see the view. It was (almost) a clear day so it was stunning.

We got home just in time to watch the pre-game, then the disappointing Super Bowl.

A Taste of Normal

Saturday Dave and I went to Joyce’s in Don Pedro. Dave and Chuck took the boat fishing and Joyce and I went hiking. I was so happy to have Kimberly and the boys join us. They have had to be extremely careful with Collin so they do very little outings. I’m sure it was nice for them to have a taste of normal… I know it sure was for me.

And with all outings with Joyce this one was an adventure as well. Kim and Collin turned back part way through as not to overdo it, but Joyce, Micah and I ventured forward. Next thing you know Joyce said, “It would probably be closer now to just hike to my house instead of backtracking to our car.” So we continued onward… and onward… and onward until Joyce finally admitted that the trail back to her house was further than she thought and we would have to climb through two barbed wire fences! All the while Micah was saying… “Grandma, do you know where we’re going? We’re gonna die!”

Thank God there was cell service… I was able to call Dave and tell them to come pick us up in the boat!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day… the weather, the hike and especially the company!!

Missing You

Oh Yosemite how I am missing you. Not just driving through the valley floor, but really exploring… finding new hikes, new places to photograph and just sitting quietly amongst your beauty. I hope to feel your grandeur again sometime soon.

Yosemite is now back to reservations only. They are not hard to get, you just have to plan ahead and be flexible. It does keep the crowds down but prevents that spur of the moment… “Lets take a drive to Yosemite for a picnic.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Leslie had an 11×14″ frame she needed to fill and asked me if I had any black and white photos of Yosemite. It was fun to go through old pictures to find something for her.

This is the one she decided on.

Sassy… Spunky…

sas·sy/ˈsasē/ adjectiveINFORMAL

  1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

What is the meaning of sassy girl? The definition of sassy is someone or something that is lively, bold and a little feisty. An example of sassy is a quick witted, clever girl.

spunk·y/ˈspəNGkē/. adjective

  1. courageous and determined.
  2. Fiery, gingery, high-spirited, peppery, spirited

OR… you could shorten the definition of Sassy and Spunky into one word: MIA

I LOVE her personality! Mia recently celebrated her fourth birthday. I can’t wait to see this high spirited girl when she’s 16!