Birthday Girl


2-27-18 Linda

Happy Birthday Linda!


Happy Birthday to my fabulous ‘older’ sister!  I didn’t buy you a card because what if someone touched them without wearing gloves?? Or maybe sneezed while looking at them, or heaven forbid wasn’t wearing a mask while picking out their perfect card??

Ha!  That’s all a lie (but you knew that!)… I forgot to put one in the mail on time.  But since you are in Oregon RVing right now anyway, I picked out a few virtual birthday cards just for you. (No mask required!)


OMG, sisters.....who the hell do we think should be doing this shit every day??? Bahahaha I love you big sister 💜


Top 50 happy birthday friend quotes - Viral Trench





Card #317 - HELLO! YES YOU! THE OLD ONE! Happy Birthday! - Blank Inside Greeting This card features a vintage, waving cheerful man and reads: HELLO! YES YOU! THE OLD ONE! Happy Birthday!. The card has been left blank inside, measures 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 inches, comes with a matching


Have a MARVELOUS birthday Linda…  Love you!!



Young Photography Genius


You never know what you are going to get when you hand your underwater camera over to a three year old wild child!



Logan, I LOVE IT!  It looks like a painting of… well, I don’t know of what but it looks like a painting.  How did you do that??  You are a photography genius!!



Epic Selfie Fail

I was swimming with the boys yesterday and decided to grab my underwater camera to get an underwater selfie of Brenden and I.  When I download the pictures on my computer I said out loud… “What the hell??”

It didn’t take me too long to determine that I did not turn the camera around to capture the selfie.

How old am I anyway????



The underwater selfie of Brenden and I turned out to be the pool steps… still sorta a cool picture, right??



At least in this one I got Logan.  Well kind of…









On June 14th we had our Annual Joe Burch Family Reunion.  We talked about possibly cancelling but it was unanimous that we keep the date.  It was the best medicine for this crazy time we’re living in.



We only wore masks for this picture to document the year of our Covid 19 Family Reunion. As you can see… we have some mask rebels in our family!


I always take pictures of the day and make a memory book.  This year I am completely unmotivated to work with any of my pictures.  In fact I am unmotivated to do much of anything.  I think everything has piled up and gotten to me.

But then I came across this picture of Angelo and it made me laugh and sparked me to start editing and put together the book.  This was our sixth annual reunion and I have a book from the last five.. I can’t miss this one!




On a side note, because of the Coronavirus we were missing Jennifer and family who didn’t want to risk flying here from Florida and Kimberly and family who are strictly sheltering in place because Collin is at such a high risk should he get the virus.  We were also missing John who is a police officer and had to work because of the police protests that were happening.

Yes… it’s been a crazy year (and not in a good way)!  Hopefully next year everyone is able to attend.






(VSSVery Spoiled Springer)

Our short RV trip to Yosemite Lakes was Buster’s first time with us on an overnight camping trip.  It became obvious early on that this spoiled dog isn’t used to laying in the dirt… or on the ground!





Take a lesson from Kari Buster,  the mat is for dogs… NOT the table!





Oh well… I guess that’s why we have extra seating!





No Neighbors


Dave and Kevin had a job at Rush Creek Lodge last week which is right outside of the Yosemite Park entrance on Highway 120.  That was too far to drive each day from home, so we decided to take our RV and make a mini vacation out of it.  The problem?  The RV parks weren’t opening until June 15th.

I called Yosemite Lakes RV Park and asked if we could stay as “essential workers”.  They said yes!  So we had the park almost entirely to ourselves.  Empty RV sites, empty cabins, and empty yurts.  It was wonderful… no neighbors!

When Dave left for work in the morning he said he felt guilty leaving me back all by myself.  Really???  I assured him I would be just fine!

There was no cell service or internet.  It was just me, the dogs and a good book… nope, nothing to feel guilty about!!











My reading spot.  I think someone put that chair there just for me!









Just us…



Fly Through The Air…


Yesterday I went to Grandma B’s with Shawna, Brenden and Logan.  It was the BEST day!

We went on a walk while the boys drove their battery-operated vehicles on a road that Pappa Dennis made just for them.  Then they showed me their tree-horse, their tree house and finally their tree swing.  No wonder they love to spend time there.  I would too!

(Dave and I need to step up our game!!)













Yes, even Grandma Judy took a turn on the swing.




Before heading for home we had a nice lunch on the patio by the pool overlooking the beautiful hillside.  Did I already say it was the BEST day??





Snips and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails…

8C3A4698Everyone has their own opinion about Shelter In Place, but mine is enough is enough!  I told Bryan and Shawna that whenever they were ready I was MORE than ready to start taking the boys one day a week again.  It’s been way, way too long!  They HAPPILY agreed…

So yesterday I had Brenden and Logan for the day.  As an added bonus Nicole asked me to watch Gio.  Three boys?  No problem!

They wanted to go on a snail hunt.  If you were a snail in my yard yesterday you didn’t stand a chance!


























Time for pizza!  And yes, I made them wash their hands… twice!!