Gold Lake

Gold Lake was another beautiful mountain lake we fished yesterday to try to catch the elusive Big One.  We did catch three fish, but they needed a few more years to grow so we set them free.

















Thank you Bob and Renae… we may have left the Big One behind, but had a great time anyway!



It’s Just Rain!

A hike was on the menu for yesterday.  Every weather report called for rain, and unfortunately they were right.  It was pouring, windy and cold when we reached the trailhead.  We all agreed it would be crazy to hike five miles in that weather so we decided to find a shorter hike.

Smith Lake trailhead was close by and was only a two mile hike, so that’s what we did instead.  The rain never let up… but it was worth it.  The lake was beautiful,  and just for us a rainbow appeared when we reached our destination.

















Grayeagle Lodge, a quaint, rustic lodge was the perfect stop after the hike to have a bloody Mary and warm up in front of their fireplace.



It was a beautiful hike and I’m so glad we didn’t let the rain stop us.





Early Morning Light

We really didn’t need to get up so early since we didn’t catch the first fish until after 9:30, but then we would have missed this beautiful after-sunrise light at Lake Davis.










And the drought is over… I FINALLY caught a fish… two to be exact!  We’re going to another lake on Thursday to try for more.





“Look Out Your Window”


We were up early getting ready to go fishing when I got a text from Joyce (she was camped next to us)… “Look out your window.”

This family was walking through camp.


9-11-19 Deer 2

This is blurred… I didn’t have much time to set my camera.  There were two more deer that aren’t in this family picture.


9-11-19 Deer 1

Every morning thereafter I hoped to see these deer, but they never returned.





We could see the lake from our campsite but it was a little walk to get there.  On one of the days we had a few drops of rain during our cocktail hour, but it didn’t last long.  I was facing the lake, drink in hand, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the after-rain light was down by the water.

I knew it might be my only chance to get a picture with this kind of light, so I put my drink down and got my camera.  I had to hurry because good light can disappear quickly.

When I got down to the water I was in awe on how beautiful it was… and an added bonus was a rainbow.


9-12-19 Rainbow Horizontal





Ranch Tour


Bill, Nicole and Leslie,

Thank you SO MUCH for taking time from your work yesterday to give me, Grandma and Aunt Joyce a tour of your ranch… followed by lunch.  It was really impressive, and Grandma told me on the way home, “It made my day.”

I had asked Nicole if she was going to be at work yesterday so mom and I could swing by the ranch office and pick up the walnuts she had for us.  She asked me if we wanted a tour while we were there.  “Oh hell to the YES!”  I knew Joyce would love it too, so I asked if she could meet us there.



It is a beautiful ranch… grapes, almonds, walnuts and pistachios as far as you can see.



Nicole and Leslie giving a lesson on pistachios.  I was taking pictures so I didn’t hear it.  (I think I need another tour!)





Young pistachios.  They still have to wait a few years to harvest them.





The last of the windmills on the ranch.



Three of the many grape harvesters ready to go.  They harvest at night.  (I forgot why… again taking pictures instead of listening.)



Leslie climbed to the top to see if she could drive it!



She told us to get out of the way in case she actually started it!  (Yes I moved!!)



As far as you can see… getting ready to plant more almond trees.





Almonds were in the process of getting shook and swept.







So many dirt roads… I’m glad Nicole was driving because I would never have found our way out!


We drove around the ranch for over an hour and didn’t cover it all.  Nicole and Leslie are so knowledgeable about the whole ranch operation.  The entire time I couldn’t help but think how proud Nancy would be if she were here to see them both working on the ranch now.  But then I realized she had a big part in it and I believe with my whole heart that she does see them.

Love my family.






Boat Ramp to Nowhere

“There has been a general downward trend in water levels since 1999 at Eagle Lake.  During that period there was only one year in which the water level increased from the previous year.  The 2009 minimum water level is the lowest water level on record since the Bly Tunnel was dammed in 1935.”

This has left the main boat ramp at Eagle Lake high and dry.


9-9-19 Boat Ramp 1


Good thing they built a low water ramp.

9-9-19 Boat Ramp 3


9-9-19 Boat Ramp 2





When Night Falls


My favorite time of the day camping is when night falls and the shadows of the pine trees loom over our seemingly miniature RVs.   After a few cocktails and eating far too much we always gather around the campfire.  There is no better place to exaggerate a story or share memories with your family and friends.


9-5-19 Night at Eagle 3


9-5-19 Night at Eagle 2


9-5-19 Night at Eagle 1



Eagle Lake


We’re home from Eagle Lake.  It was another wonderful trip with my sisters and friends… old and new.

The lake was beautiful early in the morning with the clouds reflecting in the calm water.  The fishing wasn’t great, but I always love the anticipation of catching something BIG!

I am already looking forward to next year.


9-4-19 Eagle Lake 2


9-4-19 Eagle Lake 1

Ron and Linda’s boat in the background.


9-4-19 Eagle Lake 5


9-4-19 Eagle Lake 4


9-4-19 Eagle Lake 3

Fish… I know you’re in there and I’ll be back for you!