Bryan’s Mini-Me

It’s been awhile… me and my camera have been in hibernation. But then Shawna asked me to help her take some preschool class pictures. She didn’t really need my help… her pictures turned out great, but a beautiful drive to San Andreas and a morning spent with her and Logan was so nice.

Next Nicole asked for help taking her niece’s senior pictures. Again, I don’t know how much help I was, but spending time with two delightful senior girls and Nicole was just the distraction I needed.

And Saturday I was asked to take a few pictures at Bryan’s company softball game.

All this made me realize how much I missed taking pictures. So when I had Brenden and Logan on Saturday I snapped some pictures of Logan as he was restlessly watching Battle Bots (or something like that) during “quiet time”.

I titled this “Bryan’s Mini-Me” because Logan is just like Bryan was as a young boy (and even now). If you know them both I know you’d agree with me!

A Little Teaser

I guess the warm weather we had last week was just a little teaser of spring. Now it’s back to electric blankets and sweaters.

My plants are confused…

Mom update… I finally got a negative covid test on February 6th and have been able to spend time with mom at the rehabilitation facility. This week we will move her to assisted living in a private home. She is dependent for everything but feeding herself.

It’s so hard making the difficult decision of where the best placement for her would be. Praying that this works out.

Dog Sense

When you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.

I always heard that dogs can sense illness and emotions, but I’ve never experienced it myself until this last month when I was sick and sad at the same time. My Kari Lou quickly became my velcro dog. She changed her daily routine to be by my side in bed, and on my lap in the recliner.

Only three things had her leaving me: to eat,… to go potty,… and to go for a walk with Dave. She was a comfort to have by my side.

I must be feeling better because Kari is back to her normal self… either that or she got tired of me!

It Was A Good Day… I Put Shoes On

Yesterday was a good day… I put shoes on. It might not sound like much, but it’s the first time in about three weeks.

But better than that is we went for a drive to San Andreas to say hi to our boys. You see, on January 15th I took a Covid test that came back positive. At that time I only had a runny nose. But within two days it was a struggle to get from the bedroom into the living room and any talking would get me started on a coughing frenzy. It’s been almost three weeks and I can say I am (almost) recovered. The one lingering thing is being tired.

Taking a drive was the best medicine.

It has been an extremely difficult three weeks, and not just because I was sick. The reason I went to get a Covid test in the first place was because mom had a massive stroke on the 13th. I needed to show proof of a negative test to go visit her. As it turned out, the whole time she was in the hospital no one was allowed to visit. This was unbelievably stressful and I’m sure played a part in my getting so sick.

Mom is currently in a rehab facility struggling to get better. I thank God for my sisters who have picked up my slack. I’m praying for a negative test this week so I can see mom. I miss her.

One more thing… never underestimate the power of a simple text. Thank you to my family and friends and especially my nieces who texted me daily to see how I was doing and offering to bring over anything I needed. It’s easy to feel forgotten and depressed when you are isolating.

Merry Christmas

I woke up early to the sound of rain. It’s Christmas Eve.

I started the coffee, plugged in my Christmas tree lights, lit my scented holiday candle and reminded myself of the reason for the season.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Brenden and Logan… they make the holiday and every day special.

“Never Too Old For Santa”

Brenden and Logan helped me decorate our Christmas tree. As I was tucking them into bed that night Logan asked me, “Grandma… why don’t you have a star for the top of your tree?”

“I need to get one”

Logan: “Maybe Santa will bring you one.”

Me: “I think maybe I’m too old for Santa to bring me presents.”

Logan sat up, put my face between both his hands to look directly at me and said, “Grandma, you’re never too old for Santa.”

It was the sweetest thing I could have cried.

~ ~ ~

Saturday we had our Joe Burch Family Christmas.

Logan was right… You’re never too old for Santa!

Today is Mom’s birthday. She is now proudly 93 years old. Cheers to you mom… Happy Birthday!

Big Brother

Brenden turned SEVEN yesterday. Saturday Dave and I took them to Columbia State Park. I couldn’t help but notice what a good Big Brother Brenden is. He made sure Logan could squeeze in front to watch the Candy Kitchen make candy canes… he showed him where to put his feet to be able to climb up into the covered wagon, encouraged him to climb up tall rocks then made sure to help him get down.

They are very loving to each other. Most of the time anyway!

Logan follows him everywhere.
Because you know… you gotta see what’s inside an outhouse!


Last Thursday I got to be Brenden’s homeschool teacher. Shawna had everything laid out with perfect instructions for reading, math, history, spelling, handwriting… the list seemed endless!

After about two hours of schoolwork I said it was time for recess… “Let’s go for a Nature Walk.”

Brenden led the way and we explored on their property. It had just finished raining and the fresh air and beautiful scenery were just what we needed!

When Logan got home he joined us.

I was so sad when Bryan’s family moved away earlier this year. But to see them in their new environment makes my heart so happy. Brenden and Logan have plenty of sticks to throw, rocks to scramble, trees to climb and lots and lots of space to run and explore and just be little boys. It is a very calming place to for me to visit and I’m looking forward to another play date with them tomorrow.