This was Weekend Haven for me!

It started Friday with a photo shoot after work of an over-the-top adorable two-year old.  She made me smile the whole time, and was a reminder of why I love to take pictures of children.

Saturday morning was another photo shoot.  This time with my very beautiful and very pregnant niece.  She wanted a few maternity shots… no stress, just an easy-breezy session.   It was fun!  This was followed by a day of gardening and editing, while babysitting Bryan’s dog, Ollie.  We all took a long walk and enjoyed our spring weather.  It was a wonderful day!

Yesterday we packed up Kari and drove to Pinecrest Lake.  I wanted to go somewhere not too far away.  We ended up hiking around the lake.  The water is so low it is pitiful.  I sure hope it fills up by summer because Pinecrest is my #1 summer fun place to go.

Here are a few shots of the lake.  It was a bright, bright sunny day… not the best for pictures, but at least you can see how low the water is.