When I am editing pictures there are lots of decisions to make.  One of the first is cropping.  I know I should crop in camera (take the picture exactly how I want it), and I try to do that, but many times once I see it on the computer another, tighter crop, looks good.  Sometimes both work.

Here is an example of the same picture cropped two different ways.  I can’t decide which I like better.  When this happens I give the client both and let them decide.

This is Sloan, the adorable granddaughter of one of my friends.  After a mini photo shoot we went to the park so she could play.  These pictures on the swing were some of my favorites.

Which do you like better… the out of camera crop or the tighter one??



3-20-14 Sloan 1

Out of camera crop.



3-21-14 Sloan 3Tighter crop.