Well, maybe this isn’t really a funny story… more like a ‘Ridiculous Story’.

For about a week I’ve been feeling very light headed, dizzy, headaches and my heart is either racing or feeling like it’s not beating at all.  I couldn’t sleep… three to four hours a night was my max.  I laid in bed convincing myself that I was going to be one of those statistics that as soon as I retired something terrible was going to happen to me.

Anyone that knows me knows that I very rarely go to the doctor.  But I found myself up at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning on the computer with Kaiser frantically making a doctor’s appointment.

When I got there first thing they did was take my blood pressure.  I stared at the nurse waiting for her eyes to bug out when she saw the numbers, but no… “blood pressure is great”.

Then the doctor listened to my heart.  I was sure she would be shocked on how irregular it was beating, but no… “sounds good”.

She ordered an EKG on the spot.  The nurse hooked me up and was silent during the short test.  I knew it!!  She was afraid to say anything.  Shortly the doctor came back in.  “The EKG is normal.”

Then we had a talk.  She asked me a lot of questions… “have I ever had this before” (no), “when do I notice it happening” (all the time, anytime), and then … “is anything big happening in your life right now?”  “I’m retiring!

We talked about that for awhile and she said “I think you are just having anxiety.”  ANXIETY???  ANXIETY???  I’m not going to have a heart attack??

Before leaving I had some blood drawn then I practically skipped back to my car.

I had a text message from Ray. . . “thinking happy thoughts for u.  48 hours and 10 minutes and u start a new life without parental conflict.  U get to focus on ur new role as a grandma.  (A carefree grandma)

I laughed out loud.  Oh Ray… if only you knew that I just came from an EKG for ANXIETY you would get a kick out of it!!

I got home, changed and went for a golf lesson.  No headache or dizziness.  Just focused on hitting the damn ball!!  Pizza for dinner, my favorite show on TV, went to bed at 10:00 and slept through till 5:00.

In the morning I checked the results from my blood tests.  Everything in the normal range.


6-6-14 Roller Coaster

I guess this roller coaster ride has affected me more than I thought.

But today it ends.  I’m only working until noon, then lunch and a pedicure with Joyce, followed by a nice. long. nap.

I think it’s time to start enjoying my summer and my new life!!!


6-6-14 Santa Cruz