A cool foggy morning in Moss Landing turned to sunshine and warm temperatures.  There’s really not much to do there except walk along the marina and beach, visit a few antique stores, and of course eat at Phil’s Fish House.

You know you are in Moss Landing when you see this landmark.


6-13-14 Moss Landing 3


Looks like this guy is waiting for his lunch!

6-13-14 Moss Landing 4


I got fairly close to take this picture.  A man was also taking their picture with his cell phone, but he was quite a distance away.  He asked me how close he could get before they started chasing you.  He was obviously nervous.  He said he was from Boston and had never seen sea lions before.  I assured him that they would slink into the water before they would ‘chase’ him.  He thanked me and inched a little closer to get a better picture.

6-13-14 Moss Landing 1


The names of these boats made us laugh.  Surely it is planned that they dock next to each other.

6-13-14 Moss Landing 2

It was a nice way to spend my Birthday.  Oh, we had fresh fish tacos for lunch and took home a container of clam chowder and sour dough bread to have for dinner.