Friday night we went to the Pinecrest Lake Amphitheater to see the movie Malevicent (a new Disney movie with Angelina Jolie).  It was an outstanding movie but I think part of that was the ambiance of being out in the pine trees under the stars watching it.  The movie couldn’t start until dusk, so I asked if we could get there early to give me a little time to take a few pictures.  This is a beautiful time of the day at the lake…. so quiet and serene.





There were still a few boats out fishing, a couple of (brave) girls in the water, some families barbequing their dinner, and people just walking around enjoying the beautiful evening like we were.








Someone offered to take a picture of the four of us.




Pinecrest Lake holds many memories for me.  Grandpa Burch built a cabin in Long Barn before I was born so we spent time every summer at the lake which is ten minutes away.  Mom and Dad bought their cabin about 38 years ago.  We went to the lake as babies, kids, teenagers, young couples, and now, old(er) adults.  It has never lost its appeal for me.  My favorite time to go now is with little kids… watching them dig in the dirt and play in the water just as we did.

This is the 79th year of the Pinecrest Amphitheater.  They just remolded the seating and added back rests.  The new seats are made with logs from the Rim Fire, and the ones they replaced are now benches around the lake.  They sell popcorn, candy, sodas and hot chocolate… cheap!!  Or, you can bring in your own snacks and beverages, including wine.  They only show family movies and kids love it.  If you look up during the movie you might see bats flying around and, of course, twinkling stars.  Everyone brings their blanket to wrap around them when it starts to get chilly.  If you are staying anywhere near there in the summer I recommend this experience.


Pinecrest Amphitheater.  I did not take this picture.  I got it from the Pinecrest Lake Facebook page.

Pinecrest Amphitheater. I did not take this picture. I got it from the Pinecrest Lake Facebook page.