IMG_2872If Kari kept a diary, this is probably what she would have written about her first camping trip.



Dear Diary,

I was so excited to get to go someplace with just mom and dad.  I can’t believe I get a few days without Buster.  He wasn’t too upset because Kevin stayed home with him.

The trip started off a little rocky.  I still don’t understand why I have to stay in the back seat.  I used to jump in the front all the time and mom would finally give up and let me sit on her lap.  But not this time.  They harnessed me in something new they called a seat belt.  I hated it and I let them know.  I cried for about 15 minutes, but it soon became obvious they were ignoring me.  I’ll show them… I’ll stay in the back but I am NOT going to sit down!

After about two and a half hours we reached our destination.  I admit I had to sit down for part of the trip.  I tried to do it when they weren’t looking so they wouldn’t know!

Sign in our campground.

Sign in our campground.

This camp place is great!!  So many new smells to explore.  The only thing I didn’t like was the sign right next to our car.  I promised to stay in our camp area, so mom let me off leash some of the time.  But this lady drove by in a Camp Ranger car and saw me and dad said “Busted” and I had to get back on my leash.

After setting up camp we drove around the area to explore the lake.  This is a lot bigger than my swimming pool, so I didn’t want to go in.  Not yet anyway.  After our drive, we saw a sign right next to our campsite that said “Pot Holes”.  I begged to take a walk to check it out.  It was only ten minutes from our site, but boy was it fun.  When we got there the Pot Holes were a lot of little swimming holes in the rock all lined up next to each other.  This time I went in because they were smaller than my swimming pool and I wasn’t afraid.  I ran from one water hole to the other.  Mom and Dad could hardly keep up with me.  They took off their shoes and joined me in the water.  There were other people and dogs there too.  I just ignored them and pretended I had this place all to myself!

"Pot Holes"

“Pot Holes”






Back at camp it was time to relax and start dinner.  I had no problem kicking back… it was a long day.  Dad built a fire and I tried really, really hard not to fall asleep.  I was even too tired to eat.






When it was time for bed mom put my bed on the bench inside the tent trailer.  Are they kidding me?  Their bed looks much more comfortable.  I finally convinced them to let me sleep on their bed as long as I stayed down by their feet.  I waited for them to fall asleep and then snuck up so I could share the pillow with mom.  I was the first one awake in the morning and was anxious to start a new day.  So I woke up mom by licking her face.  I know she hates that, but this morning she laughed.  Dad laughed too.  I love it when they think I’m cute!



IMG_2960Today we’re going on a hike.  I’m so excited I can’t even eat breakfast.  I’ve gone on hikes before and they are my favorite thing!

We only had to drive about 30 minutes (I had to wear that stupid seat belt again) to get to the trail head.  The first thing I see when I jump out of the car is another sign saying I have to be on a leash.  Geeze… don’t they know I like to explore?  Well, I started off on a leash, but after we were a ways out dad took me off.  I was really good and stayed close, but a ranger walked by and this time I heard mom say “Busted” and, you guessed it… back on the leash.  It was ok because it is a long leash and when we got to the lakes I got to get off, run around and swim.






After the hike we drove to another lake and dad took out the tennis ball.  I must have gone in the water 100 times for it.  The water felt great after a long hike.  Mom and dad took their shoes off to put their feet in the water and drank a beer.  Don’t they know what they are missing?







IMG_3246That night it was even harder to try to stay awake.  I couldn’t wait to go to bed.  This time I stayed down at the end of the bed.  I think I fell asleep before they did and forgot to move up.


On our last day we just relaxed by the fire in the morning.  I think I was still tired from the last two days because I didn’t mind that we didn’t go for a long walk.  I just rested on mom’s lap while she read her book and drank coffee.  When they started to pack up they just let me nap.  There was no need to put me on my tie down because I was too tired to go anywhere.  Just before we were ready to leave mom took me for one last walk to the creek.  She wanted a picture of me.  I growled at her and would not cooperate, so a nice lady that was down there offered to take a picture of me with mom.  I decided to be a good girl for one last picture… the only one I have with my mom.




Back at camp I eagerly jumped in the car to go home.  This time I didn’t fight the seat belt and didn’t even try to pretend I could stand the whole way home.  In fact… I don’t remember anything about the drive.





Camping was fun… I can’t wait to go again!!