I bet you thought I went somewhere over the 4th of July!  Nope… just sitting in front of my computer putting together a photo book.  I finally finished the one for Joyce.  It was hard for me because I had so many ‘favorite’ pictures and there is a page limit.  But I think I did a good job in narrowing it down and I think know she will love her book!

I couldn’t resist adding a couple of pages in the book of just the details around Joyce’s house.  I think Better Homes and Gardens should pay her a visit!



This is a two page spread in the book.


Then there were a few pictures that I thought warranted a full spread.  I loved this one… not posed, just Joyce and Micah coming from the garden early in the morning after picking a few things to use for our breakfast omelet.  Micah still has his p.j.’s on!



Grandma and Micah with the morning’s harvest.


One book down… two to go.  My goal is to finish both of those this week.  I’ll let you know how that goes!