My daughter-in-law is a bad influence on me.  She has got me hooked on stripping!  I didn’t know how to do it so last Tuesday when Shawna got off work she gave me my first lesson.  I wasn’t quite sure it was meant for me but I gave it another chance.  Wednesday I did it on my own.  Saturday and Sunday we met and stripped some more.  I am getting very good at it.  Sunday we stripped on the front lawn instead of the garage and had one guy in a truck stop to watch.  (Not bad for a 60+ year old and a much younger pregnant gal!)

So now I’m hooked.  I stripped at home yesterday and will again today.  Maybe if I get real good I can start charging for stripping!  What do you think??





(I’m sure this is what you thought when I said I’m a stripper!)

8-19-14 StrippingThis is a bench from Shawna’s great-grandma.  It had two, maybe three layers of paint to remove.  We also stripped a dresser and end table for the nursery and two night stands for their bedroom.  Shawna is a genius in refinishing, so I might have to ask for a lesson in that!