On Wednesday I mentioned that there was one child with the group we went camping with.  I would be amiss if I did not dedicate one post to her.

Bayley is seven years old and this was her 6th year going on the Labor Day Eagle Lake camping trip with her dad and Godfather Earl.  She was an absolute delight to be around.  She was polite, kind, compassionate and fun.  She is also a little entrepreneur.  She brought several shades of nail polish and was making appointments for manicures and/or pedicures.  $2 would get your nails painted, and for another $2 you would be served a mimosa while getting your nails done.  I think she made a little over $30!

The minute I saw her I knew the camera would love her too.  However, she told me she did not like to have her picture taken.  I honored that (for the most part), but on our last day there I asked her one more time.  Maybe because she knew me a little better she said yes.  However, she only allowed me to take five pictures!

Bayley, I can’t wait to see you again next year!


9-5-14 Bailey w-dogs

Duke and Daisy are Bayley’s dogs.  It was obvious they adored each other.



Bayley and Godfather Earl have a special bond.  It was very sweet to see them together.



Thank you Bayley for allowing me to take your picture.  You are beautiful inside and out.