You would think that the first hint that fall is just around the corner would be the changing color of the leaves on the trees.  But for me I know that fall is here with the excitement of Opening Day of football!  Yesterday morning I watched TEN games at a time on Red Zone.  (If you like football and don’t subscribe to this station you need to.)

Then of course at 1:00 one hundred percent focus was on the 49er game.  NO switching channels… not even during commercials.  And at 5:00 all attention was on the Denver game.  Kevin is a bigger Bronco fan than Dave is a 49er fan.

And so it begins… again!  Sunday games all day, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Saturday college football, and in between all those games the Giants are still playing baseball.

I’m not complaining.  I learned a long time ago, If you can’t beat em, join em!



Leaves changing color and football... fall must be here!

Leaves changing color and football… fall must be here!