Did anyone else notice the beautiful red sky Saturday night?  When we were eating dinner I noticed the light outside changed to a very rosy tint.  My dinner was so delicious I waited until I was done eating before heading outside with my camera.  Dave said to me, “It’s too dark to get any pictures.”  Ha!  (I love to prove him wrong.)

I admit it was probably too dark to get anything good, but I cranked up the ISO on my camera and opened up a fast lens.  I had time for just a few shots before I lost all light.  My subjects?  Well, Lucy was on my patio table and Buster is always posed for a picture.

No alterations of color was done.  It was this red from the night sky.  I know there is a scientific reason when we have nights like these, but I like to believe that the people in heaven are having a party and saying…. “Let’s give them a show tonight!”

And that they did.  It was beautiful.


9-22-14 Red Sky 1


9-22-14 Red Sky 2


9-21-14 Red Sky 3