When I think of fall I think of leaves.  Leaves changing color and dropping from the trees covering the lawns.  I love fall leaves.

When Nicole asked me to take some fall pictures of Natalie and Gio of course there needed to be leaves.  However, there is not an abundance of them yet, not on my street anyway.  I wanted the pretty ones that are red, yellow and orange but those trees still haven’t changed colors.  So I drove around until I found a house where the front yard was covered in leaves… not the kind I wanted, but fall leaves nevertheless.

I felt really stupid but I went up and rang the doorbell to ask if I could rake their leaves.  Great, I was relieved that no one was home!  I don’t think it’s illegal to take someone’s leaves, is it?  So I got out my rake and started filling a garbage bag.  Sure enough soon after I started a car drives in the driveway.  The look on that couple’s faces was priceless as they saw me raking the leaves on their front lawn.

I explained what I wanted the leaves for, and the nice gentleman told me I could have ALL his leaves!  I told him I only needed a couple of bags.

When I got to Nicole’s I spread out the leaves on the lawn and took the kids’ pictures.  When we were done I still had one bag left.  I didn’t want to bring it back home so I dumped it in a pile and told Nicole just to sit in it with Natalie and Gio and have some fun.

These ended up being my favorite pictures.  I hope they make you smile too.  (Nicole… next time you’re getting the leaves!!)