My friend Lori was here from Santa Fe last week.  That meant a date at Unos for a martini (or two!) and a lot of catching up.  When we met she asked me if I would have time Wednesday before Thanksgiving to take a family picture.

Anything for my BFF!  Besides… how hard could it be?  Just Lori and her husband and their two adult children with their spouses.  Oh… add to that their FIVE Cavalier King Charles dogs!

Wildest photo shoot ever!



Lori with Skippy and new baby LuLu

Lori with Skippy and new baby LuLu


A picture for Zach's website... he is a veterinarian in Southern CA

Zach with all five dogs


And just when I thought we were done … Lori brought out their Christmas outfits for another picture!


11-27-14 Chirstmas DogsHAPPY HOLIDAYS!