Usually when you take a stroll along the beach (or anywhere really) you pass people and at most give a nod or a quick “Hi, how are you?”.  But mostly everyone just minds their own business and passes right by.  But not if you walk with a dog!

On New Year’s Day when we were walking along the dog friendly beach the first thing that happened when we’d pass someone with a dog is the dogs check each other out.  (You know… the sniffing the butt thing!)  Then a conversation would start with the owners… “What kind of dog is that?”  “Handsome dog.”  “How old is he?”, etc. etc.  Some conversations last longer than others, it just depends on how long the dogs stay interested in each other.  Then, “Have a nice day.” and everyone goes on their way.

We stopped and talked to two ladies with a dog that had many of Kari’s traits.  Because we don’t really know what mix she is, I am always interested when I see a dog that looks similar.  This dog, Maggie, looked more Springer than Kari but had the same ears, tail, and longer snout.  So when I asked what kind of dog she was, the owner said she didn’t know because they got her from a Los Angeles Springer rescue site… same as us!  They may even be sisters!  Such a small world.

I wish I took a picture of Maggie to share because she was adorable.

So if you are going to the beach and don’t own a dog, get one… or at least borrow one for the day.  I guarantee you will meet lots of friendly people!



I don't know who is happier walking (running) along the beach... the dogs or the owners.  I think probably the dogs!

I don’t know who is happier walking (running) along the beach… the dogs or the owners. I think probably the dogs!