Yesterday morning when Buster and Kari were bugging me to take them for a walk I decided to surprise them.  I packed them in the car and drove to Pinecrest Lake.  Their walk was a hike around the lake.  They were like two kids let loose in Disneyland!

The day could not have been more perfect.  Well, I guess it could have been a little cooler, because I really worked up a sweat.  By the time we finished the four mile loop we were all exhausted.


2-12-15 Pinecrest 4

2-12-15 Pinecrest 1

2-12-15 Pinecrest 3

2-12-15 Pinecrest 2

2-12-15 Pinecrest 5

2-12-15 Pinecrest 6

(I did not get any good pictures of Kari.  She was always running around and never sat still long enough for me to snap a shot.)

It was a great day, and there was a lot of dog snoring going on in the back seat on the drive home.  I cannot wait for their next ‘surprise’ walk!