February 18th is Bryan’s birthday.  But February 20th is the day I became a mom.  So even though his birthday is always celebrated on the 18th, today is my day to celebrate.

I have terrible long-term memory, but February 20th 33 years ago is seared in my brain.  It was a beautiful, sunny February day.  I remember what I was wearing.  I remember my nervous energy waiting for his arrival… I must have vacuumed the living room three times!  I remember seeing the social worker drive up and I threw open the front door before she even had a chance to ring the doorbell.

And I remember seeing Bryan for the first time.  She handed him to me and I never let go.

The gift of Bryan has tripled.  I now have the most wonderful daughter-in-law anyone could hope for and a beautiful grandson.

Today and everyday I am eternally grateful.



2-20-15 Brenden & Bryan