I’m so sad.  Last night Sonoma said goodbye to their art teacher.  I said goodbye to my very good friend.  Lori is moving permanently to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has lived there for a while but they still had a house in Modesto and would come back often.  But now her husband is retired and there is no need to keep the house here.

Sniff… sniff… sniff.

I always knew when Lori was coming to Modesto because I would get a text, “Jooooodeeeeee….. I am VERY thirsty!”  We would set a date to meet at Unos at 4:00.  We always had the same booth and we always had 1.5 martini’s.

I don’t think I will ever be able to drink another martini without thinking of Lori!

Here is a little video I put together for the dinner last night.  I found pictures of many of the art projects that Lori did with the students over the years.  Oh how they are going to miss having Art With Lori…  Oh how I am going to miss my friend.


Art With Lori