Yesterday was my first day of volunteering in the afternoon Kindergarten class at Sonoma.  I was both anxious and nervous.  Don’t for a nano second think that a lesson with a small group of kindergarteners is a piece of cake.  I was less intimated when I had an office full of angry parents!

The teacher, bless her heart, gave me a fun project.  I read them a book, A Rainbow In My Garden, then the students got to plant a few flower seeds in a cupful of dirt.  There were six students in each group, and I repeated the same thing four different times until all the students had rotated through.

In the first group Johnny jumped up as soon as I started reading and announced loudly that he had to pee.  He started walking out.  I asked him if he just gets to leave.

“We can leave if we have to pee really bad, and I have to pee really bad!”  So off he went.

The teacher saw this from her group table and leaned back and asked me… “Did he just walk out?”

“Yes.  He had to pee.  Really bad.”

I could tell by the look on her face that little Johnny pulled one over on me.

I discovered rather quickly that each group had at least one Johnny or Suzie in it.  They questioned everything.

Me:  “Pick out two different colors of flowers you want to plant.”

Suzie:  “Why?”

Me:  “So you will have more than one color flower when they bloom.”

Suzie:  “Why can’t we choose four then?”

Each group session lasted 15 minutes.  At first I thought that wouldn’t be enough time.  Well, let me tell you… 15 minutes with six rambunctious five year olds is more than enough time!

After my hour was up I went into the office and helped Char by making attendance phone calls.  My first call was an angry parent insisting that her child was NEVER absent!  Oh thank God…  I was back in my comfort zone.

Please don’t think I’m complaining about my volunteer job.  I loved it and am looking forward to next Thursday.  I am, however, grateful that there are only two more months left of school.

I bow down to all teachers!



3-27-15 Kindergarten