We babysat Maddie for a week while Joyce and Chuck were traveling.  She is the sweetest dog ever and the reason Kevin choose a Springer as the dog breed he wanted.  Maddie would play and fetch a ball forever if you let her.  In fact, anything you would throw she would retrieve and return begging for you to throw it again.

Maddie is now about 12 years old and has really slowed down.  Her body no longer does what her brain wants.  She sometimes struggles to walk and has a hard time getting up.  You can see in her eyes that she desperately wants to play and be the young dog she once was.

The one thing Maddie can still do better than most dogs is swim.  And every chance she got while she stayed with us she would do just that.  I think while she was jumping in the water, retrieving her ball and swimming around she felt like she was young and energetic again.  Even if it was just for a short time.



5-1-15 Maddie 55-1-15 Maddie 45-1-15 Maddie 35-1-15 Maddie 65-1-15 Maddie 7


We love you Maddie. . .  Come swim with us again real soon!


5-1-15 Maddie w-quote