Emptying her out.  Can you believe that all fit in there??

Emptying her out. Can you believe that all fit in there??


Friday we unpacked everything from our tent trailer.  It is time to tell her goodbye.  As anxious as I am to get something a little bigger and nicer (i.e. with a bathroom!!), I got a little nostalgic when I started looking through pictures of some of our camping trips with this trailer.  I found the journal I started when we first bought it.  This was the entry from our first trip along with some pictures of other trips.


Sunday, May 24, 2009  –  Watched an RV show on HGTV and Dave and I agreed a tent trailer might be fun for us.

Monday, May 25, 2009 – Memorial Day Holiday.  For fun we decided to check out tent trailers.  We went to Turlock first, then Manteca.  Manteca RV had a used one in mint condition and the next thing we knew we were signing the papers!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009  –  Dave had orientation and brought it home.

June 5 thru June 7, 2009  –  Our first outing with new trailer.


June 5  – I left work early and we took off about 1:30 for Clarks Fork.  There was a winter weather warning and they closed Sonora Pass, but we decided to see if our new tent trailer is waterproof!


We got to Clarks Fork about 4:00 and because of the bad weather we had our choice of spots.  We picked #35 in Loop B because it was close to the restrooms.  At 5:45 Dave is still dicking around, but I am drinking a cocktail and writing in the journal!  It is raining and cold, but so far we are dry and comfortable in our trailer.


Two mishaps:  (1) Dave forgot to put the plug in the ice chest and we had water all over the floor when we got here.  (2) I didn’t know the sink had to be aligned with the plug and after we tested the water we had very wet counter tops.  Two lessons learned!


Saturday 6/6/09  –  Slept pretty good.  We need to get a foam pad!  The bed is a little hard.  The tent trailer was great in the early a.m…. got up and started coffee and turned on the heater.  Made hot cereal before leaving for our hike.


We got to the trailhead of Disaster Creek hike to Lost Lake about 8:30.  Weather looked threatening, but we went anyway.  Beautiful scenery.  Over half the way there was a creek to cross that was rushing so hard we couldn’t cross it.  Since it was starting to snow we turned back.


The rain kept coming and back at camp we contemplated going home.  We decided to stay, but it is starting to rain harder now.

We sat around the campfire holding umbrellas!  Cooked a good meal and had to eat inside.  So far every meal has been inside.


Sunday, 6/7  –  Yeah!  Woke up to a beautiful morning.  We’re glad we stuck it out.

It was a good first trip.


That was the first of many, many memorial trips in our little tent trailer.  We’ve camped with family and friends, hiked and explored new territory, and fished in beautiful back country lakes.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Well, that is except for a bigger RV!