When we hiked Shalor Lake I mentioned that it was a LONG way down which meant a long hike UP to get back.  There were a lot of switchbacks to fool you into thinking that you weren’t going straight up, but they didn’t fool me… up is up!

So was it worth it?

When we got to the lake the only other people there were on their way out so we had this back country granite surrounded beauty entirely to ourselves.  Kari jumped in the water almost before we made it to the edge.  Our shoes and socks came off to cool off our hot, tired feet.  We found a small sandy beach to sit and munch on some snacks and take in the entire view.

And if we listened real hard we could hear… n o t h i n g.

Yes.  It was worth it.



6-30-15 Shalor Lake 2

6-30-15 Shalor Lake