I took this picture of Renee’ and Jonathan three years ago when they got engaged and their married life was just about to start.  Jonathan had joined the Navy and was in dental school at UCSF.  Renee was a dental hygienist.  They had a cozy apartment in San Francisco.

Fast forward three years.  Jonathan is now Dr. Rodriguez and is in Navy Boot Camp for a few more weeks.  Their cute S.F. apartment is empty and waiting for new tenants.  And Renee’?  Well, she flew to South Carolina with their dog, Jackson, and is getting settled in their new house waiting for Jonathan to join them.  And their biggest new adventure is due in August… a boy or a girl?  We will have to wait and see.

They will be stationed in South Carolina for a year and then who knows where.  Another state?  Overseas?

While I am so proud of them and happy that they get to experience this life adventure, I have a heavy heart seeing them go.  Thanks to technology we can Face Time and text, but it is never the same as a personal hug.

Renee’ and Jonathan… we miss you already!



Renee' and Jonathan, 2012.

Renee’ and Jonathan, 2012.