I can remember in the ‘olden days’ when you could decide last minute to go somewhere and not worry about having a reservation.  That isn’t the case anymore,  especially if you want to go camping at a popular spot and have an RV that won’t fit just anywhere.  Most places will only take reservations six months out.  So on the first of every month I am at my computer before 8:00 a.m. ready to hit the ‘reserve’ button on the computer to make a reservation six months ahead.  It gets really tricky when there is a group going and we are all trying to get a spot close together.

My calendar has us booked for camping at least once every month all the way through January.  And on August 1st I will be making our reservations for February.

Oh… but where to go?  Cleaning out my photo files I came across this picture.  We were camping at Doran Beach and this was the view from our campsite.



7-17-15 Doran Beach

I remember Dave was barbequing oysters we purchased that afternoon from the Hog Island Oyster Company.  I was reading a book and enjoying a cocktail when I looked up and saw this Big Ship come by.

Yes, I think Doran Beach will be put on my list of places to make reservations in 2016.