Today I am packing the RV for another trip.  What to eat?  Easy!  What to wear?  Easy!  What camera & lenses to bring?  Difficult!

I want to pack light so maybe just my 50mm.  But what if there is a bear far away… I might want my 70-200mm so I can zoom in on him.  If there are any wildflowers I should bring my macro.  I could just bring my all around 24-105mm, but if the light is low I need a faster lens.  I should have my wide angle to capture the beautiful scenery.  Maybe there will be an opportunity to get a good picture with my infrared camera.  Should I forget all of the above and just pack my small Fuji X100?  Or maybe just take perfectly good pictures with my phone and leave everything else at home!

Decisions, decisions!


8-4-15 Infrared Barn