It was exactly this time last year that we drove over Sonora Pass to hike Levitt Meadow.  The trees were ablaze with fall colors.

Tomorrow we head towards Ebbetts Pass to camp and hike.  The drought has done crazy things with the trees so I don’t know what to expect.  I’m hoping that we see some signs of fall.  Either way I am anxious to head out and see what is in store for us.


Levitt Meadow hike 2014

Levitt Meadow hike 2014


Someone else is excited to hit the road again. When Kari sees the RV in front of the house she knows we are getting it ready to go.

9-29-15 On The Road Again

Kari on our last trip.  Even though she wears a seat belt hooked up in the back seat she always manages to inch her way up to the front.