Still not feeling up for a hike we decided to take a drive over Ebbetts Pass on Friday.  It’s a beautiful pass, but narrow and windy and steep.  It always makes me nervous.

We rounded a curve and came across at least five huge cattle trucks parked mostly in the road.  It was hard to even sneak around them.  The trucks were empty and the drivers just standing around talking.  I told Dave they were waiting for cattle… “Wouldn’t it be fun if we came across a cattle drive?”

It wasn’t a minute later we rounded another curve and came face to face with just that… a huge cattle drive!





Holy Shit!  There was cattle as far as we could see coming right at us and our truck took up most of the road.  The cowboy came up to us and told us to pull over as far as we could (which wasn’t far) and to turn off the motor.





They started to slowly make their way around us.  Only one at a time could pass by my passenger side because we were so close to the edge.  I know they spook easily so I tried to stay still and keep Kari quiet.









Finally the last of them made it past us.  It was so cool to see this.  I would have loved to turn around and go back to the corral where the cattle trucks were waiting and watch them load all of these guys.  But we would have just been in the way and besides, there is no place to turn around on that narrow road.




Hard to see, but trailing behind is a cute little cattle dog.  (Bill, you should get one of these!)