Our Little Turkey… oops… Our Little Pumpkin is TEN months old.  (Little Turkey will be next month!)


10-7-15 Brenden 3

Yesterday was my Brenden Day.  I took him to a fruit stand in the morning to buy a pumpkin.  I saw that it would be the perfect place for a few pictures, but the morning sun was too hot and bright.


10-7-15 Brenden 4

Plus, when taking pictures of a baby/toddler you really need a spotter… especially if you are going to be sitting them precariously on a pile of loose pumpkins!


10-7-15 Brenden 1

When we got back home I couldn’t get this perfect picture setting off my mind.


10-7-15 Brenden 2

When Shawna came to pick up Brenden I asked her if she would mind meeting me at this Fruit Stand around 5:30 for a few quick pictures.  She was on her way with Brenden to a Mommy & Me yoga class that she teaches and she has been fighting a bad cold.  She probably just wanted to go home after yoga and crash but she happily agreed to meet me to take pictures.


10-7-15 Brenden 5

Brenden – 10 Months


Thank you Shawna for understanding my obsession to take pictures of my grandson.