When we got our RV I called Bryan and Shawna and excitedly told them that we just bought a present for Brenden.  While that wasn’t entirely true there was some truth in it.  I was hoping that Bryan, Shawna and Brenden would join us on a few trips and down the road we can take Brenden.

That wish came true when they came up to spend the weekend with us at Big Trees.

It was our inaugural trip with guests.  We went for a short hike, played Scrabble, cooked and ate a nice dinner, watched a movie and all had a comfy and warm place to sleep.  I loved having them join us and I hope they had a good time too.



Brenden probably enjoyed the shower more than I do!

Brenden probably enjoyed the shower more than me!




You can’t tell by this picture, but I think Brenden had fun!

I can’t wait for next time!