Sunday I had the pleasure of a visit from my great-niece, Kenzi.  (Oh, I was also happy to see Christy and John!)  They were in town to visit dad who is in the hospital.  (I know they made his day much brighter.)

After their visit with Grandpa they came over so I could take some eight-month pictures of Kenzi.  This was probably one of the hardest photo shoots I have ever had… because instead of taking pictures I just wanted to hold and play with her!  She was the happiest baby I have ever photographed.

After the session I texted my sister, Linda (Kenzi’s grandma) and said, “That is one cute baby!”

Linda responded, “I need proof.”

What!!!  You need proof that your granddaughter is adorable??  She said, “I just want to see pictures!”

Well Linda, you will have to wait for the pictures because Leslie would kill me if I edited Kenzi’s pictures before her (work) pictures… but here is just one for proof that your granddaughter is pretty stinkin’ cute!



Oh... an adorable subject!

Proof for Linda.