Friday I went to Nicole’s to take some family pictures.  Let me rephrase that… to TRY to take some family pictures.  Natalie follows directions really well, but she is still Miss Independent.  Gio wants nothing… and I mean NOTHING to do with me or photos.  But they are both sweethearts and I love seeing them.

I brought over some books thinking that Gio would forget he was having his picture taken if he was distracted.  It worked.




Can you tell he’s mad at me for taking his book away??


Nick came home early from work so he could be included in a family picture.  Gio still wasn’t too happy but he did a great job!



Nicole said she would like some pictures of Natalie with Nick.  Those turned out to be some of my favorite pictures of the day.  It was quite obvious that Natalie is Daddy’s Girl.



And Gio is Mommy’s Boy.



Last Nicole asked for some pictures of Natalie and Gio together.  Ha!  That was the one challenge I couldn’t accomplish.  Gio would have nothing to do with that.

Sorry Nicole… this was the best I could do.  (Two separate pictures haphazardly put together.)



I love this family and can hardly wait for Baby #3 to arrive!