Yesterday my very good friends, Bob and Renae, drove here from Sacramento with their son and grandsons so I could take some family pictures.  I have a favorite spot I like and I knew it would be a beautiful location with the trees in their fall colors.  The weather cooperated and the light was just what a photographer prays for.

Everything was perfect, except…  there was a HUGE Frisbee golf tournament going on at the park and no matter where we tried to set up we either had people in the background or we were right in the way of the golfers.  But they were all very nice and we managed to get some great pictures.  However, I will be doing some extra Photoshop work cloning out people in the background!

Branden and Owen were so well behaved and cooperative, but I could tell they couldn’t wait until we were done taking pictures so they could, well, just be boys.  As soon as I said we were finished they each grabbed the biggest stick they could find and headed to a big dirt pile!

Thank you Bob and Renae for making the trip.  I wish we could have spent more time together.


11-22-15 Branden & Owen 2

This was taken after we were done. I never put my camera back in my bag after a shoot.



11-22-15 Branden & Owen 3

Branden is happy because he found a bigger stick than Owen!