I can’t believe this year is coming to a close.  I feel like every year speeds by faster and faster.

During this last week of 2015 I hope you can carve out the time to connect with all that matters most to you.

I am looking forward to 2016.  This week I plan to love on and laugh with my family as much as possible and snuggle with Brenden!

Much love, peace and joy for you, my blog friends.



12-24-15 Joyce's Horses

March 11, 2006


With the weather forecast showing snow down to 2,000 feet there is the possibility that Joyce will get snow at her home in Don Pedro.  This picture was taken on March 11, 2006.  Joyce called me to tell me “It’s snowing!”  Stuck at home with Kevin’s little car I called dad and asked him if he thought I could make it to Don Pedro without four wheel drive.  He said, “I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

He drove me to Joyce’s where she had a hot toddy waiting for us.  I went out to take pictures of her horses in the snow.  It was hopeless… they didn’t follow directions very well.  I decided to give up and just go back inside for another hot drink.  As I was walking back to the house I turned around for one last look and these two guys were finally posed perfectly.

Joyce, if you get snow give me a call.  You no longer have the horses, but I’m sure we could still enjoy a hot toddy!