What day is it?  No, NOT hump day!  Today is Opening Day!  Baseball.  ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO GAMES!  For me that means every trip we take we will be listening to… baseball.  Every yard work day we will be listening to… baseball.  Almost every evening we will be watching… baseball.  Just kicking back and laying by the pool?  You got it… baseball!

It seems only fitting that I post some of my Spring Training pictures today.

Let’s Go Giants!!  ….  Play Ball!



My Boy.  I love Buster Posey.





Buster and Cain talking strategy before the game. (Or maybe talking about what they are going to have for dinner or what they watched on TV last night!)



Past team mates walking in together.



This is a great way to wear your team hat AND get sun protection!



Spring Training game… oh so much fun!