Purging my clothes closet and office was so euphoric I couldn’t stop there.  The linen closet was next followed by all my photo files and cd’s (tossed!).  And on Saturday I convinced Dave to help me tackle the garage.

One truckload to the dump and two Good Will trips later, our garage was neat and organized.  Once again we had room in the cabinets for everything we needed to keep.


4-25-16 Garage

Cleaning out the garage was an all day project!


After the garage there was still a little time left in the day.  What was next??  Dave’s files!  He wasn’t as willing to do this, but with a lot of pleading he relented.  He is a keeper of everything!  (Still had Spencer Driving School receipt from Bryan.)


4-25-16 Office

He filled two garbage bags and one big box to be shredded.  Proud of him!


Today I’m taking a break, but tomorrow?  The kitchen!

P.S.  I can’t find my Tidying book.  Could it be possible that Dave tossed it???