I worked at Sonoma yesterday helping Char with awards for the end-of-year assembly.  It is always a massive job with awards being given for Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Student Council, Chorus and Band, Traffic Patrol, Presidential Award, 7-Year Award, Outstanding Citizenship and more.  We check and double check because if we forget someone… or spell a name wrong… the parent will be at the counter before we can say “Oops!”

The excitement in the air for the summer countdown was apparent as soon as I walked in the doors.  Even though the end of the year is hell for the office, I really do miss the fun of it, and I was glad to be part of it again yesterday… even for just a day.

However, more than the last day of school approaching, everyone seemed to be excited about something else.  Apparently the women’s bathroom finally got new toilet paper dispensers!  Yes, everyone that walked by the counter had to express how happy they were about that.  Discussions pursued about how difficult it was to get toilet paper off the old holders.  When you pulled down you only got one square at a time.  Recess was only so long and they felt they spent most of that time trying to get toilet paper off the roll.  I think the new toilet paper made them happier than if they were to have been given more supply money!!

I got a chuckle out of all these conversations.  I love retirement… but I miss the fun I had at work.

Happy End-of-Year to all my teacher friends!



School’s (almost) out for summer!