5-30-16 Memorial Day 1

Memorial Day isn’t a celebration.  It is a solemn day to remember the brave men and women who lost their life while in service for their country.  I always knew that but admit I was one who focused more on a three day weekend, barbecues and swim parties.

But seven years ago that all changed when it hit home.

5-30-16 Memorial Day 5

Yesterday we went to Lakewood Cemetery to say thank you in person.  It was our Brenden Day so we took him with us.  He is too young to understand the meaning of Memorial Day, but I promise to teach him when he gets older.  I will tell him the story of the little boy I knew that grew up and graduated with honors at West Point, became an Army Ranger and fought and died for our country.

5-30-16 Memorial Day 4

Thank you Daniel Hyde.  …You will never be forgotten.


5-30-16 Daniel 2

1LT. Daniel B. Hyde