I always knew that Keith’s military career would someday take Jennifer and Drew away but I put it in the back of my mind.  I guess that’s called denial.  But that day has finally come and it is harder than I anticipated.


6-1-16 Jennifer & Drew 3


Today Keith, Jennifer and Drew are leaving on a jet plane… don’t know when they’ll be back again (that should be a song!).

They will be calling Tampa, Florida their new home.


6-1-16 Jennifer & Drew 1


I know we will keep in touch through modern technology, and Florida is only a plane flight away.  (If I repeat that several times will I feel better?)

Love, love, love you guys and miss you so much already.


6-1-16 Jennifer & Drew 4

Bye, bye Drew… don’t forget your Aunt Judy!  And remember… alligators are NOT the same as dogs!!


**Update:  I got a text from Jennifer late last night.  Because of bad weather in Texas their flight was cancelled for today.  They will try again tomorrow.  My guess is the gods aren’t ready to let go of their California Girl just yet.