I had my day all planned out yesterday.  First on the list was to deliver a canvas to Nicole at the ranch in Oakdale.  When I called to make sure she was working, she said she was and that she had Natalie with her for the day because she didn’t have school.

Hmmm… I’ve never had the opportunity to spend a whole day with Natalie, so I asked if she might want to spend the day with me instead of at work with her mom.

She said yes!  We went to the park, out to lunch, shopping at the mall, frozen yogurt at Oodles and ended at a pumpkin patch before I brought her back to Nicole at the office just in time for them to leave for Natalie’s soccer practice.

Everything on my To-Do List for the day went out the window, but you know… there is always tomorrow.  I could not pass up a day to spend with this spunky young lady.  Can you blame me??