Tuesday I took Brenden to a pumpkin patch.  I envisioned all these adorable pictures I would take of Brenden running through the pumpkins picking out his favorite one.

Why, oh why do they have to put tractors at a pumpkin patch?

The only running Brenden did was a B-line to the tractor.  Luckily kids were allowed to sit on it.  And that’s what he did.  That’s all he wanted to do.  He sat there and made vroom-vroom noises (and, of course, beep beep, beep when he was in reverse), played with the stick shift and all the knobs and fake drove that tractor all over the place.



“Brenden… can Grandma get one picture of you with the pumpkins?”

This is the best he would give me.


Then it was back to the tractor before I had to pry him away to go home.


Does anyone know of a site where I can bring him next week just to watch tractors/equipment in action?  Because I am giving up on cute pumpkin patch pictures!