I quit taking pictures for hire a long time ago.  I was never able to obtain the confidence that would allow me to not dramatically stress over a photo shoot days, even weeks, before it was scheduled.  But I told all my nieces that I would continue to take pictures for them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t stress over their photo sessions… just not as much because I know they are not out anything if they don’t turn out they way they would like, except a couple hours time.

Sunday I helped Shawna with a photo session of ELEVEN two year-olds.  Monday I took maternity pictures of Leslie in La Grange.  Yesterday I drove to Stockton to take Nicole’s family pictures.  Saturday I will be taking Kimberly’s family pictures.

It’s not always this busy, of course, but in the next week I will be editing like a madman to get the photos to them in time for Christmas cards.

Sometimes I ask myself why I do what I do.  But the answer is plain as day.  Taking pictures for my family gives me the opportunity to see them more often.  Yesterday when Natalie came running to me to give me a hug was all the answer I needed.



Gio, Angelo and Natalie

How could I not take the opportunity to see my great nieces and nephews as often as possible?