Last year I made a book for Brenden with my favorite pictures that I took of him throughout his first year.  I thought it turned out really nice and it was a good way to preserve those memories.

He is turning two next week so it’s time to make another book.  But holy moley!  I am overwhelmed by the number of photos I need to sort through.  I have picture folders labeled Brenden w/brio train, Brenden & Dave, Brenden at Giants game, Brenden at Oakdale Cheese, Brenden at Seacliff, Brenden at Park (many of these), Brenden’s swim lessons, Brenden at Covers, Brenden painting, Brenden 2/24, Brenden 3/28, Brenden 7/19… the list truly goes on and on and on!!

I will have a very tough time narrowing down the number of pictures I include in this book because it can’t be 1,000 pages!  But I’ve learned my lesson.  Next year I will (try) to have a folder with only the pictures I want to be included in the book so I don’t have to go through them all at once.

Sorry Brenden… your second book will be delivered long after your second birthday!


Going through pictures like these is going to take for-ev-er!!





Hey… there was nothing else to hold on to!