20170227_105215I had to pick up a few things at PetSmart, and since I had Brenden yesterday I thought it would be a good day to go.  Maybe there would be a few cats or dogs for him to see.

Well at least an hour later we were FINALLY leaving!  First we looked at ALL the fish… and there are many, many tanks of fish.  Then we found the birds.  Then the hamsters.  Back to see ALL the fish again, the turtles and frogs, the birds, the hamsters again… well, you get the picture.


As we were checking out (luckily I remembered what I actually went for), we could see four dogs being groomed.  We had to go over and watch that for a while too.  I think Brenden would still be there if I didn’t pick him up and physically carry him out.

We didn’t spend the day at a zoo or an aquarium, but for a two year old PetSmart is the next best thing!



Three LONG rows of fish to look at…



Checking out the hamsters.  They were being fed so we got to see them come out of hiding.



I wonder what Bryan and Shawna would say if Brenden came home with this cute little guy?



And… we’re back to see the fish again!