We got back Sunday from a week at Pismo Beach.  Before going I went back and forth on whether or not we should take Kari.  Bryan and Shawna agreed to babysit her, but I love taking her on our trips.  I just didn’t want her to be a bother at the outings we had planned with Bob and Renae.

Well, Kari’s pleading eyes won.  We took her and I’m glad we did.  Our hike allowed dogs, a wine tasting place encouraged us to bring her in (with their two dogs), a brewery where we ate lunch had a dog friendly patio, and the day we went to Avila Bay she played all day on the beach with Koda…  Joyce and Chuck’s lab.  For the places she couldn’t go she was content in the truck or even staying back and sleeping in the RV.  She has become a very good RVing companion.

Yep, she is a lucky (spoiled) dog!


5-16-17 Me & Kari

Kari and I taking a little break from wine tasting.