Normally I never have a hard time getting rid of stuff that is no longer used or usable.  In fact, I am just the opposite.  I toss things out way before they have time to grow roots.

But I am having a hard time saying goodbye to my old sewing machine.  Maybe it’s because I bought it myself a very long time ago when I was a senior in high school.  (That makes it 47 years old!)  I worked hard to earn the money and purchased what was, at that time, a top of the line Viking brand sewing machine.  I remember paying $400.

Mom drove me to Modesto to take sewing classes.  I loved sewing my own clothes.  Eventually I took tailoring classes and could make suit jackets that were beautiful.  Having two boys I didn’t get to make the cute dresses, but for next to nothing I made t-shirts and shorts for Bryan and Kevin and continued making a lot of my own clothes.

But alas, more recently my sewing machine has only seen the light of day to fix a hem or repair a seam.

Yesterday I purchased fabric to make two tablecloths.  When I drug out my Viking and plugged it in to finish off the edges it didn’t work so I packed it up and hauled it to a reputable sewing machine repair shop.  The guy barely had to take one look at it to tell me it wasn’t worth repairing.  (Insert a sob.)

I was shown some new machines  (I don’t need anything fancy) starting at $500… on sale.  I guess I will be borrowing one to finish the tablecloths.


5-26-17 Sewing Machine.jpg

RIP my Viking.  You served me very well.