A free morning last Thursday landed four of us at Turlock Lake for a few hours of kayaking (and yakking).  My other alternative was to stay home and clean house.

Thanks Terri, Julie and Donna.  This sure beat vacuuming!


7-21-17 Kayaking 3

7-21-17 Kayaking 5

7-21-17 Kayaking 4

7-21-17 Kayaking.2

Oops… sorry ladies!

(Thank you Donna for the pictures.)

On a side note, we talked to a maintenance worker there and he told us that on August 1st Turlock Lake is closing.  For good.  It doesn’t make enough money to keep it open.  Sad because it is a nice lake close to home.

On a second side note, my new kayak didn’t work out.  It was so unstable I’m surprised I didn’t flip it.  So Friday I returned it and Saturday went to REI to buy a different one.  I hope to try it out this week at Pinecrest.