Today is the first day back to school for Modesto City School students.  This will be the 4th First Day Back that I have been retired.  I have to admit that no matter how hard those First Days were I still miss them.

New clothes… new backpacks and lunch boxes… meeting their new teachers…  all of that made it so exciting.  Probably my favorite part was once the craziness died down the kindergarten teachers would walk up with their students and introduce them to Ms. Judy and Ms. Char.

Today instead of helping parents in the long line at the front desk, answering the numerous phone calls, calming new students, running forgotten lunches to classrooms, directing everyone to their new rooms, making last minute extra copies for teachers, etc., etc., I will be sitting on the beach at Seacliff drinking my coffee (or maybe a Bloody Mary!).  But I will also be thinking of what I am missing at Sonoma School.

To my many good friends still there, I wish you a good First Day Back To School and a wonderful 2017-18 school year!


8-14-17 First Day of School

I took this picture after an especially hard First Day of School.  I think it was shortly after that I made plans to retire!