Although I posted on Monday that I miss the first day of school that does not mean I miss working.  I love being retired.  One of the best perks is that I get to spend so much more time with Brenden and Logan than I would if I was still working.

Last week on my Brenden Day he and I went to the cabin in Long Barn… just the two of us.  After checking everything out he found the perfect place to play with his front loader and dump truck.  We had pizza on the deck then went for an after dinner walk with flash lights (even though we didn’t really need them yet.).




After a quick bath in the porch sink it was ice cream and ‘Happy Feet’ movie.

The next morning before breakfast we went for another walk.  This time he insisted on taking an empty coffee can to collect rocks and things he couldn’t live without!





Breakfast was out on the deck again.




He said he could eat Cheerios and drink apple juice at the same time!


I don’t know if Brenden will remember this little trip with me, but I know it is a memory I will keep forever.