I had my first dog photo shoot since I made the offer to Photograph Your Dog in honor of National Dog Day (Saturday).   I was excited to hear from Jane… “May I enter Fiona into this?  She’s super friendly!”  Of course Jane!!!

Meet Fiona.

8C3A0210 B&W

Fiona is a nine year old playful Chihuahua.  Jane was the Principal (my boss) at Sonoma School for many years.  Early on I remember trying to talk Jane into getting a dog but she was never too keen on the idea.  One day her son came across a stray little Chihuahua.  Since he already had a dog this one became Jane’s.  She fell in love and the rest is history.



This was a hard photo session, but not because of Fiona.  Since I haven’t seen Jane in so long all I wanted to do was visit with her.  I finally managed to focus on my subject, and even though Fiona is like a hummingbird (never stopped moving), I think got some cute pictures of her.















A very thirsty little girl after her exhausting photo shoot!

Miss you Jane… this was fun.  But we still need to get together just to visit!