I am going to attempt a small travel blog wile we are in the Eastern Sierra. Blogging on my phone is certainly different than on my big desktop computer at home.


Our drive yesterday to and over Tioga Pass was beautiful. I only closed my eyes in a couple of scary parts.


Chuck was following us and Joyce took this picture.

We made it to our RV park about 2:00. We have a prime spot that backs right up to McGee Creek. Joyce and Chuck are right next to us.


After getting settled we took a drive to check out a nearby hot spring  called Wild Willie. Luckily I took my ‘real’ camera because it was so beautiful there. Unfortunately I am not able to post pictures from my camera while I am away from home. (A laptop is on my Christmas list!)


Walking to the Wild Willie hot spring.

Today we are doing some exploring, maybe fishing and later trying our kayaks on Convict Lake which is only a few minutes away.

But now I’d going to pour another cup of coffee and go sit by the fire and listen to the creek.